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Life at Prakriti


We believe that for the integrity of institutional transaction, it is important that anything and everything at PVS is seamlessly integrated to benefit the child.

The Logo and the Icons thus have inspired the Philosophy of our Curriculum to be -

Play Group to Class II - BUTTERFLY

Our children are expected to be free, joyous, naughty, unrestricted to move around and work at their leisure without any boundaries, just as the Butterfly who can survive in any of the nature's environment eg forests, hills, desert, urban or rural areas. Our children are be free to move, play and work at their own pace and desires.

And perhaps like the Monkey be a peer learner, the Nakalchi Bandar! It is always natural at this age to watch and follow; our children are envisaged to be open minded and free spirited to learn by watching their fellow classmates, e.g. if one child has no interest in music, then he may do it and learn just by following any of his mates who is keen and good at it, and create the versatility in his own individuality.

Class III to V - FISH

Our children are envisaged to start understanding the restrictions of life, just like the fish who is free to swim across anywhere but well inside the pond only. Once it moves out of the boundaries, trouble awaits and hence the child in this phase is to be ready enough to understand and maintain its own boundaries and adhere to it. MACHHLI JAL KI RANI HAI - our child of this phase is also master of his own but to his given and allotted areas only.

Class VI to VIII - DOVE

My child here you go, fly high create your aspirations, see the world with new perceptions in an aerial view in search and creation of LOVE, PEACE and FRATERNITY, the boundaries are no restriction now. You need to be prepared to start perceiving the society full of love and peace.

Class IX & X - SUN

The child is now full of energy, fire, enthusiasm to create his morale and burn all the waste elements in his character and behavior and prepare himself for a healthy and successful life not only his own but for the universe as the SUN does.

Class XI & XII - LOTUS

Our child is enlightened with knowledge not only academic but with high social values; ready to apply the concepts learnt to real life situations; make informed choices; make useful contributions to society; leave a mark wherever they go.


Hail SOCIETY - here we gift you a PRAKRITIK adult human being -

  • down to Earth, pure Hearted and Versatile to adapt to all environments; just like Water, that is transformed in all three state Solid, Liquid and Vapour as required
  • who has lived his childhood to its fullest, understands the necessity of adherence to boundaries, with wings to see the world in perspective of Love and Peace, full of energy and enlightened by academic knowledge and social values to serve you
  • hopefully, to eliminate the Fire of Hatred by his mere presence like Water