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Experience at Prakriti

Community Service

Education is more than just Academics; at PVS it is a Social Commitment

Our visitors had for long suffered the bad approach road to the School; it was our mistake that we waited for our civic authorities to deliver on their promise for over 2 years.

We finally invested time, money, energy and effort to make this road safe and usable, not only for School but moreso, for the villagers and the community at large who use it much more than us, everyday and night. Happy riding the next time you visit us!

Student learning from the School being Exemplary

It is important that the students, and all of us, never forget that in an ocean of deprivation, we are on an island of plenty.

By taking part in Community Service they learn skills like problem-solving, team work, ability to follow instructions and leadership skill, which is valuable not only for school education but for higher education, careers and further community involvement.

The students get a chance to make new relationships and enjoy the networking with variety of people and organizations. The ultimate reward is achieved when they see what they have done is actually helping others, so they develop a sense of pride and a sense of responsibility towards community.

Students tend to do better in school, as they get an opportunity to apply what they have learnt in class room to real human needs.

The students are able to understand their own competence which leads to self- confidence and 'a can do' attitude, which than spreads to their academic pursuits.

They often face challenges and tough problems to tackle when working with community, while working they learn how to solve problems in a better way and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming a hurdle.

The students are challenged to:

  • show initiative
  • develop perseverance
  • develop skills such as problem-solving, decision making
  • provides 'a counter balance' to academic rigour

At PVS, the outcome of Community Service in Education are seen to be -

  • increase awareness of one's strength and areas of growth
  • able to accept new challenges
  • plan and initiate activities
  • work in collaboration with others
  • show perseverance and commitment
  • engage with issues of global importance
  • consider ethical implications
  • develop new skill